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Empowering Austin's Arts and Creativity

At the heart of Austin lies a dynamic, thriving arts scene that defines its spirit. Programmed and produced by the Long Center, Create Austin exists to empower and unite this vibrant creative community, fostering an equitable ecosystem of supportive innovation and inclusivity. The Long Center is all about celebrating Austin’s arts and talent. And now, with Create Austin, we’ve built a special place that offers tools and resources just for Austin creatives.

Join the Movement

Austin’s arts scene is expansive, diverse, and ever-evolving. Be a part of the movement that seeks to uplift, support, and strengthen this community. Whether you’re an artist, an organization, or someone who believes in the power of arts, Create Austin is your platform.

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What We Do

Grant Administration Support:

Partnering with the City of Austin to facilitate grants, ensuring artists and organizations have the financial backing they need to bring their visions to life.

Creative Consortium:

A space where arts organizations can pool resources, share ideas, and amplify their collective voice. Here, collaboration is not just encouraged, it’s the way of life.

Grant Administration

Our Partnership with the City of Austin

Create Austin is proud to work hand-in-hand with the City of Austin, spearheading the administration of several key cultural funding initiatives. We’ve been entrusted to ensure that artists, musicians, educators, and organizers have the resources they need to keep Austin’s creative spirit alive and thriving.

Photo of artists painting a mural on a brick building

Creative Consortium

Empowering Austin’s Artistic Pulse

Create Austin’s Creative Consortium is a fresh endeavor born from active listening and collaboration with Austin’s diverse creative voices. Our aim? To bolster the strength, reach, and energy of Austin’s vibrant arts and cultural landscape.

About Create Austin

Emerging from the Long Center’s vision, Create Austin is our commitment to strengthening Austin’s diverse creative communities and cultural groups. It’s not just about offering services; it’s about building bridges and fostering growth. By drawing on the expertise and dedication of our team, we aim to extend valuable resources and spark collaboration. Dive in deeper and get acquainted with the individuals who make Create Austin thrive.

In the News

Photo of the Long Center

Long Center moving toward shared services pilot program for arts groups

The Long Center for the Performing Arts is moving ahead with planning for a proposed pilot program that would offer shared services and expected cost savings for small, cash-strapped arts organizations around the city.

Photo of the Long Center

Long Center makes sole bid to manage city’s Live Music Fund

The Long Center for the Performing Arts appears almost certain to be named as the organization that will handle the application process and payments for recipients of grants from the city’s long-awaited Austin Live Music Fund.

Photo of Austin skyline from the Long Center

Long Center seeks to act as administrative hub for new creative consortium

Executives with the Long Center for the Performing Arts want the facility to serve as an administrative hub for local arts groups, providing shared services that could lower costs and eventually bring in major corporate donations to benefit member organizations.

Photo of Austin City Hall

Council votes clear path for April rollout of Austin Live Music Fund

The city will begin taking applications for the Austin Live Music Fund in April, after City Council approved two resolutions Thursday clearing the way for the awarding of grants to musicians and event promoters.

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