Austin Live Music Fund

2024 Application Opens: Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Austin Live Music Fund encourages, promotes, improves, and showcases Austin’s diverse music industry through supporting a wide array of activities marketed to potential and visiting tourists and conventions delegates, including live and online events open to the public; studio, video and merchandise production; promotional tours outside of Austin; broadcasting; and marketing and promotional campaigns.

The 2024 Austin Live Music Fund application period is opening May 21st! This program supports Professional Musicians and Independent Promoters with $15,000 or $30,000 grants and Live Music Venues with $30,000 and $60,000 grants.

See the City of Austin Austin Live Music Fund webpage for the most up-to-date program announcements.

If you are a 2023 Live Music Fund Event Program awardee, visit Grant Administration Updates for information about grant agreements, payments, and reporting requirements.

Resources for
Austin Live Music Fund Applicants

Events for LMF Applicants

Asistencia en español disponible en todos los eventos

Almost Real Things Magazine: Artist & Community Social Hour

Wednesday, April 17 · 6:30 – 8pm CDT

Austin Live Music Fund Virtual Workshop and Q&A Session

Tuesday, May 28 · 1 – 2:30pm CDT

Austin Live Music Fund Virtual Workshop and Q&A Session

Tuesday, June 4 · 1 – 2:30pm CDT

Austin Live Music Fund Virtual Open Office Hours

Tuesday, June 11 · 1 – 3pm CDT

Austin Live Music Fund Virtual Open Office Hours

Tuesday, June 18 · 1 – 3pm CDT

By the Numbers

Austin Live Music Fund 2023 Applicants and Awardees

Established by the City of Austin, the Austin Live Music Fund provides an ongoing budget for cultural funding programs for Austin’s music industry. See statistics and details from the City of Austin Economic Development Department for the 2023 Live Music Fund Event Program.

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Creativity should be prioritized in our city – creating vibrant neighborhoods, social impact, sustainable economics, and job opportunities. By working together, we can enrich the lives of all who live in and visit our vibrant city.

Austin Live Music Fund Impact & Outcomes

Browse the calendar of local events funded by the 2023 City of Austin’s cultural funding grants, including the inaugural 2023 Live Music Fund Event Program.

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Austin Live Music Fund

You should have received an award confirmation from the Long Center in August of this year. The Long Center has also been reaching out to awardees in the subsequent weeks to do several things:

  • Verify payment details
    • So we can get your money to the correct bank account
  • Get a signed grant agreement
    • This is a contract between the awardee and the Long Center.
    • It is not a negotiable step in the program as it is a program requirement required by our contract with the City of Austin
  • Ensure that you have the proper insurance coverage
    • This is also a program requirement. Based on your answers to the Insurance Questionnaire, some insurance coverage may need to be secured prior to your event

According to the City of Austin’s Payment Schedule, your payment distribution is:

  • Round 1 – 50% of your total award upon completion of all necessary paperwork
  • Round 2 – 40% of your total award after submittal of your:
  • Round 3 – 10% of your total award after submittal of your: