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Submittable serves as an online platform designed to gather grant applications, foster communication with applicants, assess content, and oversee the decision making process
This guide aims to provide helpful tips and insights to assist you in crafting a successful grant application. It is generalized for all the grant programs administered by Create Austin (The Long Center) and run by the Economic Development Department.
State Statues aren't often the most rivetting read, but they are the legal foundation of all the HOT Grant Programs. Its here as a resource for anyone who wants to take a peak at what all these programs tie back to.
This page offers useful definitions that arise in some of the EDD applications around what type of business entity you may be, or whether you are officially considered as a Live Music Venue, Museum/Art Gallery, or a Performance Venue/Theater
Established by the City of Austin, the Austin Live Music Fund provides an ongoing budget for cultural funding programs for Austin’s music industry. See statistics and details from the City of Austin Economic Development Department for the 2023 Live Music Fund Event Program.
Arts Hub is an Australian organization specializing in supporting their national arts industry. If you're a visual or auditory learner, or would just like some supplemental guidance on what goes in to a successful grant application, this video is for you.

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