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This document has additional details for the grant programs run by the Cultural Arts Division: Thrive, Nexus, and Elevate. In it, you will find information that pertains broadly to all three programs. This includes (but is not limited to) details on funding sources, eligible activites and expenses, panel processes, contractual requirements, and a glossary of terms.
Submittable serves as an online platform designed to gather grant applications, foster communication with applicants, assess content, and oversee the decision making process
CAD grants often require Worksamples from applicants. This is an optional template developed by City of Austin staff to support your application process.
You can only be awarded one HOT grant per year. Knowing which grant you are most eligible for it the most important step for starting your application!
Posting your Event to the Visit Austin Site is required of all HOT grant programs. This guide was developed by City of Austin Staff to help you navigate the submission process.
This guide aims to provide helpful tips and insights to assist you in crafting a successful grant application. It is generalized for all the grant programs administered by Create Austin (The Long Center) and run by the Economic Development Department.
Often its not just one person who contributes to a grant application. Whether you are using a Fiscal Sponsor, hiring a grant writer, getting help from your bandmates, or you have a development department - knowing who needs to be the primary account holder in Submittable is important.
Your City Council members and their appointed Commissioners for Arts and Music Commission is an important thing to know if you wish to step into the world of civic engagement for these grant programs.
State Statues aren't often the most rivetting read, but they are the legal foundation of all the HOT Grant Programs. Its here as a resource for anyone who wants to take a peak at what all these programs tie back to.
Verifying that you reside in Austin's Metropolitan Statistical Area is a requirement of the Economic Development Department's grant applications. To do so, simply enter your address at the top of the database. The box on the upper left-hand side of your screen will fill with information. If you live in the Austin MSA, the row labelled 'MSA/MD Name' will say "AUSTIN-ROUND ROCK-SAN MARCOS, TX"

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